My name is Klara...

I am a non-binary urbanist, artist, and interdisciplinary designer with an interest in convening communities from Cambridge, MA.

I approach design and policy from the perspective of maintenance and care— I see them as tools that can be used to organize a city’s social and political world on the recognition of human interdependence.

My creative practice is often centered around gathering people in unexpected ways in order to create a speculative window to a more playful, radical world. I pursue these social design interventions as a means to envision more just futures.

I use she/her/hers or they/them/theirs pronouns. My pronouns are not very important to me, so either work!

I graduated from Vassar College in May 2019 with a major in Urban Studies with a focus in Women’s Studies. I am interested in design and storytelling as mediums to understand the political issues I have studied in school and engaged with at my positions at the Brookline Chamber of Commerce, Urban Habitat Initiatives, Brookline Interactive Group, and working for artist, designer, and scholar Sara Hendren.

In these roles I have:

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